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Souvalákia ké stí skára Kebabs and Charcoal Grilled
(All served with pilaf rice and pitta bread)

Zeus Kebabs fo tender lamb cubes £9.95
Héfustus “Sheftalia”: traditional Cypriot sausage-kebabs £8.95
Heraklís Lamb cubes and sheftalia “mixed kebabs” £9.95
Hérmes Kebabs of lamb, pork and chicken cubes with peppers, mushrooms & onions £10.95
Athiná Kebabs of marinated breast of chicken cubes, with peppers, onions & mushrooms £10.55
Poseidón Seafood kebabs of swordfish cubes, marinated prawns and baby squid with peppers, onions & mushrooms £10.95
Aphrodhíte Kebabs of marinated prawns, with peppers, mushrooms & onion £10.75
Dímitra Lamb cutlets £10.95
Apóllon Mixed grill £11.95
Hélios Kebabs of charcoal grilled vegetables with salad garnish and garlic sauce £8.95

Toú foúrnou ké tís katsarólas From the oven and the casserole
(All served with pitta bread)

Gemistá Vegetables stuffed with a mixture of rice, herbs, onion, garlic, olive oil and baked in a light tomato sauce (served with Greek pasta) £8.75
Fasolakia me patates A casserole of green beans, potatoes, tomatoes, onion, garlic, olive oil & herbs (served with Greek pasta) £8.95
Bamies me Sáltsa tomáta ‘Ladies fingers’ cooked in a tomato, olive oil and herb sauce (served with pilaf rice) £8.95
Mousakás nistísimos A vegetarian version consisting of aubergines, peppers, courgettes, potato, onion, garlic, herbs and baked with béchamel sauce £7.95
Mousakás me kreás Prime mince cooked with tomato and herbs, layered between aubergines and potato and baked with béchamel sauce £7.95
Kotópoulo kritharáki Breast of chicken in tomato and herb sauce (served with Greek pasta) £9.75
Kotópoulo lemonáto Breast of chicken in a creamy lemon sauce (served with pilaf rice) £9.75
Keftédhes foúrnou Meatballs baked in tomato and herb sauce (served with pilaf rice) £7.95
Moshári stifádho Beef cooked with coriander seeds in red wine (served with pilaf rice) £9.75
Hirinó afélia Pork cooked with coriander seeds in red wine (served with pilaf rice) £9.75
Arní kléftiko Leg of lamb cooked in its own juices with herbs, olive oil & garlic (served sliced with pilaf rice) £9.95

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