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Aspra krasia  White wines
Retsina £10.95
Methode Traditionnelle NV £16.95
Champagne NV £27.95

Kokkina krasia  Red wines
Kritikos Red £11.95
Kouros Nemeas £13.95
Othello £12.95
House Wine by the glass £2.95

Bires  Beers
KEO (Small bottle) £2.95
KEO (Large bottle) £4.95
Mythos (Small bottle) £2.95

Pota tou bar  Bar-drinks and cocktails
Aperitifs £2.95
Spirits £3.45
Liqueurs £3.65

Anapsiltika ke zesta  Soft and hot drinks
Tea £1.45
Greek coffee served with Loukoumi £1.65
Espresso £1.45
Cappuccino / Latte £1.75
Fruit juices and soft drinks £1.45
Mineral water (small bottle) £1.55
Mineral water (large bottle) £2.75
Liqueur coffee £4.85

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