I was just thinking about new year resolutions, having been somewhat bombarded with blog musings about them recently, and it occurs to me that it might be useful for their longevity to think of resolutions a little bit at a time. Maybe have a January resolution, or even a Next Thursday resolution – why not?

Here’s a good one for starters: My swimming membership runs out on January 21st, so how about I make the most of what I have left by going swimming every day until the 21st? Naturally I will be renewing the membership on the 21st, so who knows where that’ll take me.

Starting tomorrow, of course…

Whisky bar at #StreetFeastNYE

Well, I ran my first event on Seen, and I have to report feeling a little disappointed since there were only 13 tweets on #StreetFeastNYE.

Mind you, I remain convinced  that Twitter can provide a great deal of interest and intrigue for  the investigation of the ephemeral shop! I think 2014 is gonna be a lotta fun.




In other news,  I am “ouching” into the new year with Suzanne Bowen and her marvellously painful streaming fitness videos. Currently doing an “interim challenge”, looking forward to the next full one. I think 2014 is gonna be a buff year (fingers crossed…).

I just came across these pretty pictures of beer under the microscope.

It’s Friday, and it’s nearly time for the office Christmas party – bottoms up :)

Beer under the microscope

Image from www.bevshots.com

OK, I may actually nick  this idea :)

From the marvellous Salvage Sisters blog.

Bedtime = cue for Noodles the cat to try and hide somewhere until we are forced to get the Thrives out :)

She hates dental floss though…

Now the shock and horror of the last essay is finally far behind I’ve been starting to think about the old dissertation again. This is currently a massive muddle of thoughts about high street regeneration, pop-up shops, and the rise of the thinking person’s kebab van – aka #StreetFood. I’ve been thinking about how entrepreneurs adapt to change and use it to their advantage, and also about the power nostalgia may hold over the consumer.

And pondering  #Twitter.

The guys at #StreetFeast have been in residence at #HawkerHouse for the past five weeks, and this weekend is the last one.

Hawker House indoor street food

Indoor street food for the winter

I was thinking about how I might gather information from Twitter for my possible project, as I see social media as an important part of the street food trend – and I’m interested in social media per se.

Seen website screenshot

A pop-up flea market on Seen



I found out about a site called Seen which allows users to present and measure the reach of an event via Twitter by adding appropriate hashtags. So it’s a neat way of summarising what’s going on on Twitter and the kind of thing I’d had in mind. So I may give it a try with the last Hawker House event. So let’s see what happens!

Every day…

The Khaleesi being bossy

We’ve been watching Game of Thrones compulsively over the past few weeks.

OK, there’s a lot of gratuitous female nudity in it, which can get annoying, but all in all it’s a ripping yarn!

Great characters too, we like particularly poor old Tyrion Lannister. But Daenerys Targaryan, now there’s a role model. I’m inspired to summon her in my mind when facing confrontational situations (dealing with plumbers, for example).

“I am Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, of the blood of Old Valyeria. I am the dragon’s daughter, and I swear to you that those who would harm you will die screaming.”

What a hero!

I like baking bread, one never can tell quite how it will turn out!

I love swimming.

There is trepidation before entering the cold water, but then I’m disappointed if it turns out to be not as cold as I expect, because I love the feeling of darting freshly through the first length of the pool.

I love that the pool is only five minutes from my house, that works for me. I’ll just pop out for an hour…

I enjoy the turn at the end of the pool – when I get it right I hit the side of the pool with my hand, turn, push away with a foot, glide a little… there’s a fantastic washing-machine noise when it happens…

I adore the mindfulness of swimming; counting the lengths, concentrating on my actions, letting thoughts come and go. I am not a water-creature, not a porpoise or some other elegant ocean-dweller. I am a thing with two arms and two legs doing what I can, just being.

I revel in the sensations, the feeling that I can go on and on and on.

I love swimming.